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Our journey started in 2021 with a school project. We were tasked with developing a business plan for an innovative idea. Hafsa, inspired by her own struggles in finding modest clothing, came up with a concept of creating a platform designed for modest women. Sarah, who faced similar challenges, immediately joined the project. As we got deeper into this market, we discovered that countless other women shared our frustrations and obstacles. It became clear that there was a need for a website, that specifically caters to modest women where they could easily get access to modest clothing.

That kickstarted the journey for NU-Modest, our vision is to build a community where our customers feel like they are being heard. We want to make their daily life as simple as possible. We want to make it easier not only for us but also for all the other women to have easy access to modest clothing. We want to be the number one platform that caters to you, so you don't have to go through the hassle every time you are looking for modest clothing.

At NU-Modest we want to make sure that all the women that seek modest clothing have a place to go when they are looking for modest clothing that fulfills their needs. We aspire to fulfill the wishes and needs of the women and also have them onboard on new collections and designs. Not only are we aiming for modest women with religious beliefs, but also all the other women that want to cover themselves for different reasons. With NU-Modest we want to make it easier for modest women to find and buy modest clothing.