Our story began in 2021 when we were assigned to do a school project, where we had to build a business plan for an idea. Hafsa came one day to Sarah and told her about the struggles she goes through when she tries to look for modest clothing online. Then it turned out that Sarah goes through the same difficulties, so from that day, we took it upon ourselves to look into the market and see if other women have the same difficulties. We found out that it is almost impossible for the individual consumer to have an overview of all the brands out there that cater to modest women. European consumers never know which brands to shop from when they look for something so simple as scarves/hijabs. 

That kickstarted the journey for NU-Modest, our vision with NU-Modest is to gather all the individual independent modest brands both in Europe and abroad on one website to make it easier for European customers to search and find modest clothes and accessories. 


We want to build a community where our customers feel like they are being listened to. We want to make their daily life as simple as possible; we want brands on the website that our customers approve of; We want to be the number one platform that caters to you, so you don´t have to go through the hassle every time you are looking for modest clothing.